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Pairing procedure

  1. Make sure the dongle is powered (LEDs on) and no other devices are connected to the dongle
  2. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone
  3. Open the Victron Connect app
  4. In the Discovery-screen, pull down the screen to refresh discovered products
  5. You should now be able to see your Victron product
  6. Click the button on the dongle to set it in pairing mode (the LED will flash)
  7. Click the Victron product you want to connect to, a popup will be shown to confirm the pairing
  8. You are now connected to the Victron product, realtime information will be shown

Trouble shooting

I don’t see the dongle in the discovery screen

  • Only one device can be connected to a dongle at the same time. Make sure no other phones are connected to the dongle, and try again.
  • The dongle does not support all Victron products. Check if your Victron product is listed in the section above.
  • The dongle is powered through the VE.Direct bus. Make sure the dongle is connected to a supported device and the LEDs on the dongle are on.

I cannot connect to the dongle

  • Make sure you are close enough to the dongle. In open space, a distance of up to approximately 20 meters should work.
  • Connection issues might be caused by an incorrect Bluetooth pairing. Try re-pairing by first removing the pairing from the phone: go to your phone’s Settings, then click Bluetooth. Click the (i)-icon next to any “VE.Direct LE” device and click “Forget This Device”. Then, open the Connect app again and pull down the Discovery screen to rediscover products. Set the dongle in pairing mode by clicking the button on the dongle, then click the Victron product in the app’s Discovery screen. Confirm the pairing, you should now be connected to the dongle.