Offshore N2K brandstof transfer display

Artikelnummer: 3350-FTC

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Kenmerken: NMEA 2000 brandstofmeter met digitale weergave, alarm en bedienknoppen. Met 10A relays voor alarmschakelingen.
Afm. (mm): 68
Inbouwdiepte (mm): 60
Voltage (V): 9 – 30
IP: 66
PGNs: 127505
Kleur: zwart

The 3350-FTC Fuel Transfer Controller displays the level of the “Day” or “Consumption” tank on boats fitted with these type of tanks.
It allows the user to start the fuel transfer from the Main or Bunker tank into the Day tank manually. It can also start the Fuel Transfer AUTOMATICALLY when the Day tank level falls below the User settable tank level.
It automatically stops the transfer when the Day tank is 95% full thus preventing overfillingand spilling of any excess fuel.

The user can also stop the transfer at any time by pressing the Stop button.
The 3350-FTC is fitted with a 10 amp relay to control the transfer pump. The unit mounts entirely in a standard 2″ diameter panel hole and the gauge front and the panel seal are both to IP66.
It has a red LED lamp that flashes when the transfer is in progress and a blue LED receiving Tank Level display that varies in brightness as the ambient light level varies.
It is certified to the NMEA2000® network standard and attaches to the network using a single “Micro” plug. It draws less than 150mA from the network.
This Fuel Transfer Controller automates and simplifies the task of transferring the fuel intothe Day tank. It helps prevent expensive and environmentally damaging fuel spills.
Offshore 3350 FTC Datasheet