Offshore NMEA 2000 dubbele tankvuldisplay

Artikelnummer: 3210-Dual

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Artikelnummer: 3210-Dual Categorie:

Type: 2 Tanks
Afm. (mm): 90×57
Inbouwdiepte (mm): 20
Voltage (V): 9 – 16
IP: 68
PGNs: 127505

The 3210 Dual Deck Gauge displays the levels of TWO fuel tanks right at the tank’s deck fillers. This enables the user to see the exact tank level at the point of filling. This allows the tanks to be filled without the risk of spills or wastage.Each tank level is displayed on a blue LED display set into the dual deck gauge. This provides a clear indication of the level of the liquid in the tanks at all times. The LED varies in brightness to compensate for ambient light levels, brighter in sunlight and dimmer at night.
The dual deck gauge is produced in mirror polished stainless steel to provide a rugged and attractive finish.
It can have either standard front wording or a custom laser etch of the boat builder’s logo and tank names and their choice of wording as illustrated here.
It is sealed to IP68 and robustly constructed to the IEC60945 Maritime Navigational and Radiocommunications Equipment Standard to ensure high reliability and trouble free operation for many years.
It is certified to the NMEA2000® network standard and attaches to the network using a single plug. No other wiring is required.